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Activated carbon filter


  • High specific absorption efficiency
  • High contamination removal capacities
  • Self support and rigid
  • Excellent pressure drop, save energy
  • V-cell type, panel type available
  • Large filter surface and long service life
  • Easy to handle
  • Lightweight plastic frame
  • No dust release
  • No dust regeneration
  • Frame; %100 recycled plastic frame (PP)
  • Media Weight; 400gsm
  • Gasket; Without
  • Type; High efficiency, activated carbon
  • Media; AC Between Sythetic Layer
  • Flammability Class; K2/F2 for Normal Temp.
  • Final Pressure Drop; 450Pa
  • Max. Operating Temperature; 75°C

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Activated carbon filters are used for wall and duct installation in ventilation and air conditioning systems. Filters absorb gaseous odours and toxic substancesn (such as body odours, food odours, smoke and fumes), which are often disgusting and harmful to humans, animals and plants, from the air entering supply systems.

Activated carbon filters are used in public buildings, airports, workshops, spray painting tunnels, hospitals, food and pharmaceutical industry, industrial and civil air conditioning sytems. Activated carbon filters are recommended to be protected from air pollutants by using minimum pre-filtration with F7 to F9 filter.