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Gel type Hepa/Ulpa ceiling filter with aluminium frame


  • Optimized velocity distribution
  • Low pressure drop, less energy consumption
  • Guaranteed leak-free
  • Available in all grades
  • Polyurethane Gel gasket
  • Various frame sizes with any dimensions
  • Suitable for knife edge frame systems
  • Excellent sealing
  • Filter Class; H13 – H14 – U15
  • Sealing Compound; Two component polyurethane
  • Frame type; Anodized, extruded aluminium
  • Faceguard; Aluminium sheet, powder coated
  • Gasket; GEL
  • Media; High quality glass fibre
  • Separators; Hotmelt
  • Flammability Class; K2/F2 for normal Temp.
  • Max. Final Pressure Drop; 600 Pa
  • Max. Operating Temperature; 75°C

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High-efficiency HEPA Ceiling Gel Type filters protect people, equipment and processes from airborne particulate contaminat ion. Gel Type HEPA Ceiling filters are used in air ventilation and air conditioning plants requiring high or very high levels of air purity. They are designed for clean room ceilings and clean work tables to provide laminar flow.

Applications: Industrial processes like microelectronics, medicine, pharma, the food industry, microbiology, chemistry, laboratories, hospital and hospital operating theatres, laminar flow boxes, fan filter units, nuclear energy and nuclear research

Filtration area and pleat height designed with the optimum value are more important for performans of filters. The filters having high pleat height offer a good solution with lower operating costs and significantly reducing energy consumption.

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