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HEPA filter box


  • Filter seal-leak test (DIN 1946)
  • Measurement of pressure drop from room side
  • Available air flow adjustment damper fitted to the spigot
  • Available in various construction and dimensions
  • Easy to remove air outlets
  • Available powder coated or stainless steel
  • Central fixing for diffuser
  • Low overall height


  • Hospitals; Operating theatres and operating side rooms, intensive care, isolation slations, sterile zones etc.
  • Laboratories; Clean zones and working places, exhaut air filtration of toxic aerosols.
  • Industry; Electronic, optical, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

Main demands of the clean room technology and especially in its pharmaceutical applications is the air-conditioning and also accordingly the air quality. Air distribution is generally made through the HEPA filter installed to its housing. Therefore, selection and assembling the HEPA filter to its housing without leakage is very important. HEPA Filter Housing consists of 3 main parts, which are the box, filter and the diffuser.

Box has a duct connection port for air inlet at the top or at the sides. On the room side the diffuser can be selected either with special vanes adapted to cleanrooms or with a perforated plate. Filters can be chosen according to the room Class from E10 to U17. HEPA Filter Boxes weights between 12 kg and 47 kg according to the construction type. All HEPA Filter boxes are tested for leakages with test groove system.

To track filter working conditions, HEPA boxes have nozzles for differential manometer connections. According to the EN 1882 standards, boxes have nozzles for supplying test aerosols (EMERY/DOP).

Test grooves that face the HEPA filter gasket achieves air tightness according to DIN 1946 Part 4. Inside of the housing can be easily disinfected and will not be effected from disinfection chemicals.

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