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V-Compact filter


  • Large surface area
  • Less maintenance and energy consumption
  • Header depth is 25mm
  • Fully incinerable without pollutant emission
  • Airflow and installation in any direction possible
  • Self-supporting and rigid
  • Long service life
  • Easy installation
  • Low pressure drop
  • Filter Class; M6 – F7 – F8 – F9
  • Media; Glass Fibre
  • Frame type; %100 recycled plastic frame (PP)
  • Faceguard; Without (available on request)
  • Gasket; Without (available on request)
  • Final Pressure Drop; 450 Pa
  • Max. Operating Temperature; 75° C
  • Application; Prefilter for HVAC
  • Seperator; Hotmelt
  • Sealing Compound; Two component polyurethane

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ULPATEK V-Compact Filters are produced with fully incinerable plastic frame constructed from recycleable materials reduce its impact on the environment and carbon emmission.

ULPATEK V-Compact Filters offer a high dust holding capacity and long service life with optimum filtration area according to system capactiy.

ULPATEK wide range of V-Compactfilters answer the demands of our customers to remove air contamination such as fine dust, smoke, vapour, soot, pollen, bacteria, etc. as prefilters or as final filters in air conditioning applications.

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